At Cisper Welding, Inc. (CWI), safety and quality are priorities above all others. Our records, EMR and OSHA ratings, are among the very best in our industry. Our goal is nothing less than intuitively ingraining best-practice safety behavior in every single action that any one of us ever takes—at work or in any part of our daily lives. We are operating from a firm base. Across the Cisper Welding, Inc. team, there is a common commitment to safety that is never forgotten. Safety, for all employees, is about people finishing their working day in the same healthy state as when they started it.

At CWI, safety is the responsibility of individuals working as part of a team. There are many people to help us as individuals – safety trainers, supervisors, and front line foreman. We have trained, certified and qualified safety and quality personnel involved with every project, and we have procedures and processes designed to lessen the risk of a safety incident.

Ultimately, safety is the responsibility of each one of us at whatever level we work. Today, we are building an organization in which every single person who works for CWI is empowered and entitled to call attention to any unsafe act, and to stop work until the situation is resolved.

We are determined to ensure that the integrity management of our operations remains a key focus. This means, in particular, that each of us must be certain that the equipment we use–or are responsible for–is fit for purpose and in safe working condition. We are always open to new ideas about safety. We are also doing everything we can to ensure that all those who work for Cisper Welding, Inc. receive the proper safety training to perform their tasks to the best of their abilities.